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Rent with purchase option for

Owners in difficulty

Have you lived in or are you in any of the following situations:

Temporary job loss
Temporary illness
Non-renewal mortgage
60 days notice

How can lease to own help you?

This way is the best way for current homeowners who are experiencing some financial hardship to save their home and save money in most situations. Indeed, least to own and an alternative method of financing less expensive than the private loan.

Here are the steps

1. We buy and support your property
2. You stay home and make a monthly payment
3. You are buying your house!

60-day notice or notice of exercise.

The majority of our records come from owners who have received 60-days notice or notice of exercises. Contact us as soon as possible if you are in front of this impasse. We will have more time to save your home. Leasing is the best and least expensive option compared to private lending.

Divorce or separation

Are you in intense divorce and you want to stay in the family home?

The lease to own program is a great alternative when one of the two spouses wants to keep the house. This happens when one of the spouses can not qualify to the bank because the credit rating is not high enough or because he is self-employed. It should be mentioned that when there is one separation, each situation is distinct. There are different agreements between the former spouses. We do our best to make everyone win.


Are you struggling with too high debt payments? Have you tried refinancing, but you had been refused? Have you made a proposal to a consumer? There are many reasons or situations that can lead to over-indebtedness. Buy-Back is a program that helps you recover, lower monthly payments, and restore your credit rating. Apply online now for an estimate.

Eligibility Criteria in the majority of situations:

Have a reasonable equity on the property
Have a stable job or income and the financial ability to pay
Be committed to reestablishing your credit
You must want to keep your house and live there
The property must be located in a city and in good condition


It's a program tailored to your needs
Your family is you continue to occupy your home, you keep your same habits of life.
Your debts will be refunded if possible (if applicable to your situation)
The redemption price is predetermined
Duration is one to three years
You participate in the credit repair program



Market value of your home
Estimated monthly cost (taxes, insurance included)

* Please note that in case of a non-renewal / 60-days notice or other situations we pay as much debt as possible and will keep a down payment for your redemption.

* Notice : These amounts are for indicative purposes only. Actual costs may be downward or upward depending on each client's situation. The amount of property taxes and the risk of the record may varie the monthly payment.