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Alternative financing for



Breneka Real Estate Solutions comes to support homeowners who are experiencing a difficult financial situation with the buy-back program.

  • Are your debts costing you too much? Do you want to consolidate them?
  • You went bankrupt or a proposal to the consumer?
  • Your private loan costs you too much?
  • You can not refinance or renew your mortgage?
  • You fell on temporary sick leave?
  • You lost your job temporarily?
  • You’re living a separation?


  • Our monthly payment will cost you less and will be cheaper than a private loan
  • The ratio-loan value we use is higher, so we will be able to pay more for your debts!
  • Our program allows you to save more money at the end of the month and so you will really have the opportunity to restore your credit!
  • We have a longer average term than a private loan, with no annual renewal fee!

Eligibility criteria for current owner :

  • Have a reasonable equity on the property
  • Have a stable job or income and the financial ability to pay
  • You must be committed to restoring their credit
  • Your property must be reasonably well maintained
  • You must want to stay home for a long time
  • It must be located in a city of at least 15 000 inhabitants



Market value of your home
Estimated monthly cost (taxes, insurance included)

* Please note that in case of a non-renewal / 60-days notice or other situations we pay as much debt as possible and will keep a down payment for your redemption.

* Notice : These amounts are for indicative purposes only. Actual costs may be downward or upward depending on each client's situation. The amount of property taxes and the risk of the record may varie the monthly payment.