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Rent with purchase option to

Access the property

How does the lease to own work?

It is very simple! We buy the property you want to live in, you rent it for one to three years, the time it takes to build your credit line and you buy your home at the end of the contract. This formula is a great way to have a home for those who have just arrived in Canada and those who have been released from bankruptcy or a consumer proposal!

Bankruptcy or

consumer proposal

You went bankrupt or a got consumer proposal? No worries, we believe that people deserve a second chance. Especially, with regard to the accession of the property. That’s why lease to own is a program that can help you achieve your goal of being a homeowner. You must have been released from bankruptcy or have paid your proposal.

New arrivals

Lease to own is an excellent alternative for newcomers to access the property in the event of a refusal by a banking institution. We give the opportunity to our customers to have their own home. You choose the house that suits you and in the neighbourhood of your choice. You can start your new life by creating memories in your family home.

Eligibility Criteria

11.5% down payment + 1% fee
Have a stable job and the financial ability to pay the chosen home
The property must be located in a city and in good condition
To have made the decision to restore or create his credit
Have the desire to become homeowner


It's a program tailored to your needs
Get access to the property faster
You bring the improvements you want to your home
The redemption price is predetermined
Duration is one to three years
You participate in the credit repair program



Price of the desired house
Mandatory down payment of 11.5% + 1% fee
Estimated monthly cost (taxes, insurance included)
Scenario with 13% down payment + 1% fee
Estimated monthly cost (taxes, insurance included)

* In addition, there is a $ 500 aprox. inspection fee

* Notice : These amounts are for indicative purposes only. Actual costs may be downward or upward depending on each client's situation. The amount of property taxes and the risk of the record may varie the monthly payment.