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You will get a solution adapted to your needs!

Breneka Real Estate Solutions is a company that specializes in lease purchase option or buy-buy since 2012. We partner with real estate professionals such as, mortgage brokers, real estate brokers, notaries, certified appraisers, investors and others.

Lease to own

Opt for the lease to own service to access your property

Alternative financing

Opt for our alternative financing service, offered for property owners and / or real estate professionals.


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What is lease to own?

Leasing or buying-back is an alternative financing solution to traditional banks. We buy the house, we rent it and we resell it in a period of one to three years once the customer’s credit is restored! With Breneka Real Estate Solutions, each of the agreements is tailor-made to meet the needs of our clients.

This is a general explanation of what is a lease to own or buy-back. Since this program applies to several situations, take the time to visit our website and discover the available solutions applicable to your situation.

To whom does this strategy address?

Lease to own is the strategy of choice for anyone found in the following situations:

* A non-renewal mortgage of the bank or a private lender.
* 60-day notice

* An over-indebted owner

* A bad credit score

* Payments too high with private lenders and you need to lower your costs

* Loss of employment or temporary illness, divorce or other unforeseen circumstances

* You went bankrupt or a consumer proposal

* You sold your house, but you do not qualify for the purchase of another

Our Vision

Assist a large number of homeowners, brokers and tenants through a lease to own.

Our mission?

Offer quality and affordable alternative financing solutions to our clients.

Our strategy

Rental-purchase; we buy, rent and resell the property to customers. Average duration of three years. The customer will have the time needed to restore his credit.