Rent to own program with Breneka Real Estate Solutions

How does rent to own work? 

It’s very simple! We buy the home of your choice for you and we establish a lease on the home for 1-3 years. Essentially, we will rent it out to you for just enough time to enable you to build up your credit score so you can purchase the property at the end of that term. You have an option to purchase the property; this means that for the remainder of the leasing period you are the exclusive purchaser of that home and it cannot be sold to anyone else as long as you respect the terms of the contract in place. Also, at the beginning of the lease period, we establish a fixed buy back price, hence even if the market value of the property goes up, you get to keep the extra value! That also does not stop you from doing your own personal improvements* to the property which again will increase its worth.

Rent to own gives you the chance to live in the house of your dreams sooner than you could have expected. Regardless of where you`ve been in the past or the hard times you have gone through, as long as you have a burning desire to correct those issues and begin fixing your situation, we will help you towards homeownership.

Who is a rent to own program for?  

Rent to own is for all people who cannot get traditionally financed by the bank for the moment. Usually, this includes people that have less than average credit, no credit history, have been through divorces, bankruptcy, consumer proposals or foreclosure. So get excited! The Breneka team is out there to offer you creative solutions tailored for your unique situation!

Here are just a few of the advantages of engaging in rent to own with us:

  • A personalized and tailored service made for you, our client
  • You move in and start living in the home you deserve, today!
  • You have the freedom of your own space and privacy
  • You can add your personal touch to the home
  • We help you build your credit sufficiently to qualify at end of term
  • Fixed Sale Price, regardless of whether the market goes up, down or sideways, you always know what you are going to pay

* If the market does go up and the home is worth more than the fixed buy back price, the value is yours to keep!

 Criteria to qualify for rent to own?

  • You need to put down a deposit, minimum of 10% (certain exceptions might be allowable depending on our in house due diligence and verification.)
  • Be able to show 65  000$ in gross family income or more.
  • Have a burning desire to own your home.

Still hesitating? 

Just ask yourself this question: “Why pay rent anyways and still not live where you really want to?”