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Breneka Real Estate Solutions comes to support homeowners who are experiencing a difficult financial situation with the buy-buy program.

  • • You lost your job temporarily?
    • Did you fall on sick leave temporarily?
  • • You live a separation?
    • You can not refinance or renew your mortgage?
  • • Do your debts cost you too much?
  •   Do you want to consolidate them?
    • You went bankrupt or a proposal to the consumer?
    •Your private loan costs you too much?
  • How does buy-take? Our lenders will support your property temporarily the time needed to:
  • • Straighten your financial situation
    • Increase your credit rating
    • Qualify at the bank for your redemption
    The average duration is 1 to 3 years. You continue to reside in the house and have it as you always have.
  • Advantages
  • • Our monthly payment will cost you less and will be cheaper than a private loan
  • • The ratio-loan value we use is higher, so we will be able to pay more for your debts!
  • • We have a longer average term than a private loan, with no annual renewal fee!
  • •Our program allows you to save more money at the end of the month and so you will really have the opportunity to restore your credit!
  • Eligibility Criteria for Current Owners :
  • • Have a reasonable equity on the property
  • • Have a stable job or income and the financial ability to pay
  • • You must be committed to restoring their credit
  • • You must want to stay home for the long term
  • • Your property must be reasonably well maintained
  •   It must be located in a city of at least 15 000 inhabitants