Bad credit mortgage loans Montreal, Solutions for Real Estate and Mortgage Brokers!

Real estate professionals! There are many people asking about our bad credit mortgage loans Montreal alternative! We can help!

With today’s tightening lending criteria many clients are having a harder time getting a mortgage. That’s why we have a special program called bad credit mortgage loans Montreal. This is for clients that are forced to rent in apartments, go with private lenders or give their keys to the bank. With our bad credit mortgage loan Montreal alternative, we can make home ownership that much easier.

As real estate agents and mortgage brokers, you’ve made a commitment to give the absolute best possible service to your clients because you knew it could mean repeat business for them and you.

People are what real estate is all about. Creating win-win situations that benefit everyone involved is the basis of good salesmanship and great service.

Breneka Real Estate Solutions wants to partner up with you and increase your client base. Below is an explanation on how Rent to Own program for bad credit mortgage loans Montreal clients would work.

What is it all about?

Here at Breneka Real Estate Solutions we offer our partners and soon to be partners creative real estate alternatives on how to increase their business. We would like to expand your context and ask you to think differently about your clients that do not qualify for the bank loan because of bad credit. That’s right; the focus is on the ones who do not currently qualify for a mortgage! Could you imagine a higher closing rate? Well it’s possible. We are willing to assist you in getting those clients in that home!

Here’s how bad credit mortgage loans Montreal works:

We will buy the home for the clients and rent it out to them for a 1-3 year lease. During that time they fix their credit with a credit repair program and are then able to qualify for a mortgage at the bank.

Our criteria for bad credit mortgage loans Montreal are simple: They need to have a minimum deposit of 10% of the face value of the property. They need to show at least 65 000$ in gross family income and they must be serious about home ownership. Also if they are home owners who had gone through a temporary job loss or work related injury we will buy the home, pay out their 1st, 2nd, personal debts and keep a down payment for them to buy back their home. As simple as that. Average monthly cost would be similar to between 5%-9%, yet we do not charge interest rate , we charge a rent. From the rent their is a certain amount that is credited back to the clients as additional down payment. Usually around 20% of the lease payments.

What’s in it for you the Realtor?

  • Don’t lose your sale because bank refused the file
  • Be the clients buyer agent on the transaction
  • Value bonus, if you bring enough clients, we will add you to our preferred broker list and use you for the purchases of the clients we generate.* (discuss with us personally)

What’s in it for you the Mortgage Broker?

  • Files up to 90% LTV (case by case)
  • Better rates, clients feel between 5%-9% annually
  • 1% of appraisal price, not of mortgage funded
  • Better geographic areas means more files can close
  • Term of 1-3 years means client have a real chance to re-establish credit