The Strategy that has changed it all! Rent to own and Breneka Real Estate Solutions

What is rent to own with Breneka Real Estate Solutions and who is it for?

Their has been a lot of talk about rent to own in Montreal and  Quebec… But do you know what it is? Rent to own it consists of buying a piece of real estate, renting it to a tenant-buyer and selling it back within a term of 1-3 years. During that time the client goes through a credit repair program. When the term is complete and the credit has been repaired, the client buys back the home. That’s it!

Can rent to own help for 60 days notice and credit problems?

Yes! Rent to own with Breneka Real Estate Solutions is the ideal solution for:
Mortgage recall and 60 days notice
Bank non-renewal
Clients who have been discharged from a bankruptcy or consumer proposal
Owners who are currently with private lenders rent to own

Also, are you renting due to bad credit? Are you new to the country with no credit history? Are you self-employed and can’t get financed?

As long as you have good salaries and a good down payment (starting at 10%), we can help!

To find out more on how it can be beneficial and how it costs less them private financing click on the rent to own button above.

Rent to own with Breneka, what’s the difference?

Unlike other rent to own companies, we:

* Assist our clients every step of the way until they reach success
Have a mandatory credit repair program that lasts the length of the term
Aim at restoring their credit to 681 + to qualify for the best rates
Follow strict guide lines in place with the major mortgage insurers
Among the only companies in Quebec to be members of the Canadian Association of rent to own professionals (CAROP)

If you are a potential client and want more information on rent to own, fill out our online application or call us directly!

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